Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stu Hamm Live in Toronto July 4th 2016

After seeing the Brian Wilson show I rushed from Massey Hall to the Horseshoe Tavern to catch the tail end of the Stu Hamm concert. When I purchased these tickets I didn't realize both shows were the same night but I figured I would be able to pull it off with the Stu Hamm show being in a bar. Well I did manage to do it, as I really wanted to see a concert at the famous Toronto venue The Horseshoe. As I was leaving Massey hall I had to ask one of the ushers how far the Horseshoe was from there, the kind gentleman gave me directions and told me it was about a 15 minute walk, so off I went.

Now I had been to the Horseshoe last year but I was there during the day to have a beer, I just had to check the place out, so I was stoked this time that I was actually going to see a show there. While Stu Hamm wouldn't be my first choice of an artist to see there, it was the only show during the week I was there that interested me. I had seen Stu Hamm once before back in 1990 when Stu was the bass player for Joe Satriani on the Flying In A Blue Dream Tour. And at that show I was absolutely blown away by his bass playing, especially with bass being my favorite instrument, I'll never forget how good he was. So having the chance to see him again with his own band 25 years later, I was excited to see what the show was going to be like.

By the time I got to the show I only caught the last forty minutes of his set, which was fine cause I'm not sure I could sit through an hour and a half all instrumental wankery. It was a small turn out for the show, maybe a hundred people, but all there seemed to be enjoying the show. Stu Hamm sounded amazing on the bass as to be expected, he also had a good guitarist with him by the name of Randy McStine whom also has his own band called Lo-Fi Resistance and the drummer Jeff Bowders was alright too. They each had there time in the spotlight as well. But it was all about the bass playing mastery of Stu Hamm, the guy really is quite amazing on the four stringer. Stu performed a couple Joe Satriani songs and his most famous instrumental "Quahogs Anyone?" so glad I didn't miss that songs. For his encore Stu did a medley of songs with great bass lines in which he was influenced by, in the mix was some Rush, Zeppelin, Police, The Who and Aerosmith among many others, it was pretty damn cool.

Overall not a bad show, not sorry I didn't see it all but sure was nice to see a show at The Horseshoe Tavern. Good times!!!

Stu Hamm at The Horseshoe Tavern.

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