Saturday, March 18, 2017

Book Review (Allman Brothers Band)

Just finished reading this incredible book One Way Out The Inside History of The Allman Brothers Band wrote by Alan Paul.

This is a great book about the history of the Allman Brothers Band. The writer Alan Paul has been the senior editor for Guitar World. This book seems like it wrote its self as each surviving member of the band has their say on the story of the band even the roadies who have been a part of the band crew forever get their say. From their start in Florida when Duane Allman was the leader to after his passing when Dicky Betts seemed to take the leadership role. There is no beating around the bush in this book. With members telling their take on the story. From Dicky being a mean drunk and control freak, to Gregg Allman's battle with substance abuse, to the murder charge a roadie got after confronting a club owner after the band not being paid, where he stabbed the man to death. Gregg being called a narc after a drug bust. And all the ups and downs this band has been through over the years.

It really is a fascinating story and read as this band over the past 45 years have had their share of ups and downs between members dying, line up changes, yet still putting out decent music for the most part.

The book I have is an updated version from the original release, but even since then, the drummer Butch Trucks has committed suicide just this year. So the story of this band never stops. Sad sometimes what has gone on with the Allman Brothers Band but like I say a very interesting story.

If you are a fan of the band this is a must read. Even if your not a fan, this is still a great read and may have you looking and listening to the band great history. Well worth reading. The definitive book on the Allman Brothers Band.

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