Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mike Plume @ The Almanac March 18th 2017

Saturday night my buddy Buzzard, Cuz and I went to see Mike Plume at the Almanac on Whyte Avenue here in Edmonton. This was my 11th time seeing Mike Plume in concert. This was a solo Plume show, so just him and his guitar, an old beat up guitar too. Don't believe I had ever seen him perform using this one before. Anyways, the Almanac is a small intimate venue that probably don't hold more then say sixty people. So the place was full, but not stupid packed like the last time I saw him play this same venue this time last year.

Mike played for two hours with no breaks other then telling a story between songs or taking requests, which means no set list. It also means you never see or hear Mike play the same show twice, one of the many reasons I have seen Mike in concert so many times.

He started the show with the song "Five Crow Silver" and ended the show with a song I requested "Steel Belted Radio", Thanks Mike!!! Other songs played were some of the usual's "830 Newfoundland", "Hey Hey What D'Ya Say", "Red And White Blues" and one of my favorites his Stompin' Tom Connors Tribute song "So Long Stompin' Tom" which has the line "when you see my Mom in the front row, tell her I'm doin' alright" that line always brings a tear to my eye, and it looked to me like Mike may have teared up a bit while singing that line on this night.

Another song he did was from his Table For One album, in which he dedicated to his Mom was " The Best Job I Ever Had". A great song. This was another phenomenal show by Mike Plume. What blows me away is how this man is not a huge music star in this country. Great song writing, great guitar playing and all around awesome performer. Good times!!!

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