Monday, May 29, 2017

R.I.P. Gregg Allman

Saturday afternoon while sitting around listening to tunes and having a few cold ones, I got the news of the passing of Gregg Allman at the age of 69 to liver cancer. In my opinion one of the best blues singers ever. This news struck me hard, therefore the rest of the late afternoon and evening, it was Allman Brothers Band and Gregg Allman solo albums played the res of the day. It was mourning and celebrating the great music of Gregg Allman, and especially the soulful voice of Mr. Allman. Absolutely beautiful!

I was introduced to the Allman Brothers Band by my buddy Buzzard back in 1990-91 or so after a night at his place drinking and listening to music. How did I not know of this band, well I guess I knew of them but never really gave them a proper listen. I was hooked after that night at Buzzard's. It was right around 1990-91 that the band had got back together after nine years of being apart. Now my buddy was a huge fan of the band and had never seen them play live before, so now that I was hooked on the band, we were both hoping to get the chance to see them perform live.

Well, as look would have it. The Allman Brothers Band put out a new album in 1994 called Where It All Begins. This album blew me away. From the song writing, the singing and the music, I was in awe of these guys. Not only that, this album came out at a time when I was going through some tough times. This album helped me through them times and will always be my favourite album of theirs. Six months after the release of Where It All Begins the band came through town on tour, playing the Edmonton Convention Centre. Of course we were all over this show. And the band didn't disappoint, playing a show that was over three hours long. Spot on musicianship, great crowd and good times. This show is still among my top ten shows I have ever been to.

Gregg Allman may you Rest In Peace! Thank you for the beautiful music and soulful voice. Wish I had seen you more then once, but am very thankful for the time I did get to experience you and your music live. RIP Mr. Allman. A sad day indeed.

Concert ad from the Edmonton show.

Ticket stub from the show.

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