Thursday, May 11, 2017

Altameda Live at The Buckingham May 5th 2017

On Friday night before game five of the Oilers and Ducks game my buddy Buzzard and I went to The Buckingham for an early show featuring local bands Altameda and The Velveteins. This wasn't a planned outing for Buzzard and I, I had mentioned to my buddy about how good this band Altameda was, having just seen them a few weeks ago, so we made our way to the show.

Altameda was the opening band and again put on an amazing show. It took three songs for the band to get their sound right as it started way too loud, but after that the band sounded great. Lead singer/guitarist Troy Snaterse was in fine form, great vocals and energy, and the drummer was amazing again as well.

If you are a fan of Petty, Springsteen and Ryan Adams, I am pretty sure you would enjoy this band. The band is currently touring Europe and will be back in hometown Edmonton for a show on Thursday May 25th. Good luck on your European tour guys. We didn't stick around for The Velveteins as it was time to go home and catch the last two periods of the hockey game. Good times!!!

Altameda at The Buckingham.

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