Sunday, August 20, 2017

Rich Hope & His Blue Rich Rangers Live in North Vancouver Aug.11th 2017

Well back from an awesome vacation in Vancouver visiting my Brother, friends, sight seeing and caught a few concerts as well.

One of our nights in North Vancouver while staying with a buddy, he mentioned that they have a concert series in the Edgemont Village just a block from his place. We weren't sure who was playing but thought we would wander up and have a listen.

The band playing on this night was Rich Hope & His Blue Rich Rangers, on the sandwich board we saw it was described as Country Soul. I started racking my brain thinking I know that name "Rich Hope" from somewhere when it dawned on me that Rich Hope was the lead singer of a great Vancouver band called John Ford whom put out a couple of albums in the early 2000's, a self titled album and one called "Bullets for Dreamers". Rich also has a band together called Rich Hope & His Evil Doers.

Well now that I knew who this was I was excited about seeing the performance. There was decent crowd out on the street for the show, the weather was perfect and the music was awesome. I found it to be more rock n' roll then country which works better for me. Such a fluke to be able to see a band like this playing for free on the streets of North Vancouver. Really enjoyed the music, the band was great. Good times!!!

Rich Hope & His Blue Rich Rangers
rocking the street.

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