Friday, October 13, 2017

Change Of Heart Live in Edmonton Oct.7th 2017

On Saturday night I attended the Change Of Heart, Napalmpom and Whitey Houston concert at the Rocky Mountain Icehouse as part of the UP + DT Music Festival. This triple bill was going to be a loud night of rock n' roll.

The first band of the night was Edmonton's Whitey Houston, a two piece band that is made up of Whitey (Lyle Bell) on bass and Gravy on drums, also on stage with them is Kim Rackel on maracas. Lyle and Kim are also play in the band The Wet Secrets. This band is super bassy, loud and fun. And with Kim on stage shaking the maracas and dancing and whipping her hair around actually adds to the stage show.

Like I say they are a very loud band for only two musicians, so much so that it was about four songs in to their set that a wood paneling on the roof in front of the stage that had a spotlight on it came crashing down. The panel with light attached to it smoked a lady in the head. Luckily she didn't look to be hurt too bad as I saw her later in the night still at the show, but this could have been much worse then it was. After that incident I was sure to watch where I was standing the rest of the night making sure I wasn't under something that might come crashing down on my head. You could say the band certainly rocked the foundations of the Rocky Mountain Icehouse.

Whitey Houston's half hour set was excellent. They closed out the set with the song "I Got Fucked By Liberty Mutual". This was a great band to open this triple bill. Especially because they don't seem to do a lot of shows lately. Was great to see they still have it.

Whitey Houston at the Rocky Mountain Icehouse.

Next up was Calgary rockers Napalmpon. This was my second time seeing the band live and holy fuck, did they ever kick ass yet again. Napalmpom's music is like a mix of all the greatest classic rock and punk bands wrapped in one. Think AC/DC, Thin Lizzy riffs, MC5 and a band having a whole lot of fun up on stage performing. So much energy and full on giv'r mode. They played a good mix of songs from their two full length albums 2017's The Core Competencies Of Napalmpon and The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom. Not a slow moment through out their whole 40 minute performance. These guys never disappoint.

Napalmpon at the Rocky Mountain Icehouse.

Headliner of the evening was Toronto's Change Of Heart. This was my third time seeing the band live, having seen them years ago opening for the Tragically Hip. I'm so much more a fan of the band then I was back then. So I was really looking forward to seeing them play again. This time around Change Of Heart have reunited with the original line up of Ian Blurton on guitar and vocals, Rob Taylor on bass, Bernard Maiezza on keyboards and Glenn Milchem on drums (whom also plays in Blue Rodeo) for some shows in Ontario and Alberta, celebrating the re-release of their album Smile which came out twenty-five years ago. They were doing the album in its entirety, so this was gonna be another loud performance. I have been a huge fan of lead singer and songwriter Ian Blurton for years now, liking all the projects he has done which include not only Change Of Heart but also Blurtonia, C'mon and Public Animal.

Their show was loud as all of Ian's bands are, but it wasn't so loud that you couldn't understand the lyrics, all the musicians kicked ass. I especially enjoyed watching and hearing Rob Taylor on bass, he was incredible. Ian Blurton hasn't lost a thing either, his guitar playing was spectacular, the old gritty sound that I love and his singing was bang on as well. The rest of the band were no slouches either. Just an amazing night of rock n' roll from all three bands. Good times!!!

Change Of Heart at the Rocky Mountain Icehouse.

Change Of Heart t-shirt front.


After the show I got the chance to chat with Ian Blurton and tell him how much I loved his music in all the bands that he has played in. He was nice enough to autograph my Public Animal/Napalmpon split 12 inch vinyl. Thank you very much Ian!!!

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