Saturday, October 14, 2017

Trapped Under Ice Live in Edmonton Oct.7th 2017

After the Change Of Heart show it was a quick scoot next door to catch the last two bands at the Needle Vinyl Tavern. The show at the Needle which were also part of the UP+DT Fest were bands of the hardcore punk genre. I caught the Edmonton band E-Town Beatdown and Baltimore, Maryland band Trapped Under Ice. I had no intention of going to tis show until talking with JFK a few weeks before the show when he told me to come out to the show as he would put me on the guest list for it. I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it as I already was going to a show that night. But after looking at the UP+DT schedule, I saw that I would be able to do both shows that night, so I took him up on his offer. Thank you JFK, much appreciated! So off to the show I go.

I got there in time to catch E-Town Beatdown, a band which JFK (guitar) plays in as well as a buddy of mine guitarist Ben Sir, whom also plays in Worst Days Down. So I was interested in checking them out. While I'm not the biggest fan of hardcore, I did want so hear them live. I thought they were pretty good, the crowd certainly was into them, hometown crowd after all. I didn't know their music at all not owning any of their music, but thought they were pretty good. A tight band, decent vocals and lyrics with a positive message.

E-Town Beatdown at The Needle.

Headliner of the night Trapped Under Ice were up next. I had listened to one of their albums in the week before the show and thought they might be cool to checkout. I'd heard good things about them and didn't mind the album I had listened to. Their music was fast and hardcore to the bone, short songs and lots of breakdowns, which really got the kids doing their weird hardcore dancing of swinging their arms like mad men and swinging their arms. You surely didn't want to get in the middle of that by accident, looked like a karate workout to me. I myself just find the whole hardcore dance thing a little weird, but then I'm old, so I guess it's for the younger crowd. The band had a tonne of energy, and the vocals were actually understandable which I don't always find in a lot of the hardcore music. All and all I thought they were alright, just not really my jam. I'm glad I went to the show, but it's not something I will rush out to purchase or see live again. The rest of the crowd, which wasn't a huge crowd by any means, but those that were there were into it big time. Good times!!!

Thanks again JFK for the invite!

Trapped Under Ice at The Needle.

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