Friday, November 28, 2014

Barney Bentall and the Grand Cariboo Opry in Edmonton Nov.27th 2014

Last night I went to the Barney Bentall and the Grand Cariboo Opry show at the Myer Horowitz Theatre here in Edmonton. Even though there was a full on blizzard happening here, there were still some brave souls that made it out to the show, that includes all the musicians as well. Good on all those that did make it out to this concert.

This show that is billed as The Grand Cariboo Opry is a variety show that has been going for nine years now, raises money for charities. And to date has raised a quarter of a million dollars for a variety of charities. Tonight's show raised money for the Inner City Children's Program, and was presented by Schoena and Jason Strudwick, Jason was an Edmonton Oiler at one time in his hockey career (2009-2011).

The line-up for this years show included hosts Barney Bentall and Matt Masters, both of whom did a great job of MC'ing the evening. Also playing were Dustin Bentall, Kendel Carson, Ridley Bent, Leeroy Stagger and many others.

The show started with all of the musicians on stage and performing a song, and after that it was each member taking a turn cranking out a song, some were originals and some were cover songs. Had a good laugh when Jason Strudwick and his wife Schoena took the stage and sang "Wagon Wheel".

All the musicians on this stage were incredible, I really thought fiddle player Kendel Carson was good, cute too!!! And the main reason I was there was to see Leeroy Stagger perform. He only did a couple of songs himself, one of them being "Highway Is My Home" from his Easton Stagger Philips album, and he also did a song called "Something Beautiful" which was really good too.

The evening ended with everyone on stage doing the Corin Raymond song "3000 Miles" a great way to close out the night. All in all a fun night of music. And a big thank you to Leeroy Stagger for the free tickets. Good times!!!

Barney Bentall and Matt Masters.

Jason and Schoena Strudwick.

Ridley Bent.

Kendel Carson.

Leeroy Stagger.

Dustin Bentall.

Other pictures from the show.

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