Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Highway Kind Live Nov.15th 2014

On Saturday afternoon I made my way to the Wunderbar to catch a free show with two bands, both of whom I had never heard before. First band of the afternoon was an Edmonton band called The Deadly. They are a new band and currently have one song available on there bandcamp page which can be found here. Their half hour set on this afternoon was quite good. They play a punk rock style of music. Worth checking out.

The Deadly at Wunderbar.

Headliner for this show was a Vancouver band called The Highway Kind, who have been opening several shows for the smalls reunion tour. Looks like this afternoon show was a warm up show for there opening slot later Saturday night for the smalls.

There wasn't a huge crowd for this show, but decent enough. The band The Highway Kind are a three piece band made up of former members of such bands as The Black Halos and Black Mountain. Matthew Camirand on guitar, with Cristin Heck on bass and rounded out by drummer Mark Karpinski play a groove heavy type of music with a touch of psychedelic, a lot like Black Mountain actually. I really dug there groove and look forward to hearing more from this band.

Always cool to catch some live music on a Saturday afternoon at my favorite bar. Some beers, live music, and a free show makes for a great way to spend an afternoon. Good times!!!

The Highway Kind at the Wunderbar.

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