Sunday, November 16, 2014

The smalls. in Edmonton Nov.14th 2014

On Friday night I went to the Starlite Room to catch the second of four sold out shows of local metal band The smalls. on there Slight Return reunion tour. This was my fourth time seeing the band and second time this year, having seen them play the Sonic Boom Festival in the summer.

This time around The smalls headlined of course and played an hour and half set. The band sounded much tighter this time around, not hard to tell they have been touring and rehearsing. The crowd was pumped for this show, with lots of drunks stumbling, drinking and carrying on. Lead singer Mike Caldwell sounded great and has one of the most unique and interesting vocal deliveries ever. Terry Johnson on drums sounded even better this time around compared to the summer show, as did Corb Lund on bass, they were really on on this night holding down the back end, and then there is guitarist Dug Bevans who is an absolute riff master, he sounded fucking awesome. The band played pretty much everything a fan would want to hear on Friday night. An absolute killer show. Good times!!!

The smalls. at Starlite Room.

Opening band Royal Tusk also from Edmonton was a terrible choice for opening this show. I didn't care for them at all, and found most of the audience felt the same way, as I went out for a smoke during their set, as did many others. Not a fan.

Royal Tusk at Starlite Room.

It was nice to finally see a piece of vinyl from The smalls. This is a double album they just released call Selected Works, which is basically a best of album, very cool.

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