Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mike McDonald at the Blue Chair Nov.21st 2014

On Friday evening I went to the Blue Chair Café here in Edmonton to see Mike McDonald, lead singer of Jr.Gone Wild play a solo show as he was celebrating the release of his first solo album. The album is called Live at the Blue Chair Café which was recorded in January of this year. A show in which I was at as well.

Opening the show was local artist Kimberley MacGregor. She too was doing a solo set as she usually has a back-up band, or so I have read. She seemed very excited and giddy about being asked to open this show. Kim mentioned having seen Mike McDonald years ago when Mike hosted the open mic event on Sundays at the old Rose Bowl pizza joint in downtown Edmonton.

She put on a great show in her half hour set. Kim has got an amazing voice, very strong and soulful. I look forward to seeing her perform with her band. Great opening set.

Kimberley MacGregor at the Blue Chair Café.

Next up was Mike McDonald who has had a busy year with shows with his band Jr.Gone Wild doing festival dates all summer and the odd club date here and there, and now with the release of his solo album. The venue was sold out, so a crowd of about a hundred people.

Having seen his show at the same venue earlier this year. Mike seemed a lot looser on this night, which is understandable. As the last time he was being recorded for his live solo album. Talking to Mike before the show he mentioned he was fighting a cold, but you couldn't tell as his performance was excellent on this night. Mike told some great stories before some of the songs, which included mostly solo stuff, but he even pulled out a JGW song and A Bunch Of Marys song "Living On The Northside" (another band of his). A couple titles of the songs were "The Longest Song In The Universe", "Relevant Moments" one of my faves, "Fifty Dollar Whore". A great show, and I look forward to more solo shows from Mike McDonald.

Mike McDonald at the Blue Chair Café.

If you are looking to pick up his album, it is available at his record store Permanent Records in Edmonton 8126 Gateway Blvd NW or get in touch with him at (780)988-2112.

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