Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mark Mills Live in Edmonton Apr.25th 2015

On Saturday afternoon my Cuz and I went to the Buckingham here in Edmonton to catch the Mills and Mills show, a free show at that.

First up was Windmills who is actually just a one man band from Kelowna, B.C. His name is Cory Myraas and plays indie pop, just him playing guitar and keyboards. He was interesting, better then I was expecting.

Windmills at the Buckingham.

Headliner was Mark Mills who is now based in Vancouver. This was my third time seeing him perform, and yet again, another great performance. Mark is very entertaining playing his electro dance beat style of music. This time around he didn't bring out the guitar instead just playing the keyboards and he also scaled back his stage antics a touch. As Mark has been known to scale the bar, furniture or just about anything around him, and wandering all around the venue singing, but this time he kept to the stage only. This was his last date of a western Canadian tour promoting his vinyl release of his latest album "Triple Fire Sign".

Though there was no advertising for this show whatsoever, there was still a good turn out for it all things considered. Mark's set on this Saturday afternoon was only about an hour, but was highly entertaining with him playing songs from his latest release as well as songs from his earlier album "Go Love Yourself". Mark closed out his show with a cover of the Chris De Burgh song Lady In Red. A very fun show. Good times!!!

Mark Mills at the Buckingham.

Autographed copy of the new Mark Mills album Triple Fire Sign.

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