Saturday, May 30, 2015

Seven Inch Saturday (C'mon/Pride Tiger)

Today's seven inch single is a split seven inch with two great Canadian bands. The two are C'mon and Pride Tiger and sadly neither band is still together.

This single came out in 2009 and was first available while both bands toured together in may of 2009. I saw this double bill at the Pawn Shop here in Edmonton, which is where I picked this up. This single came out on Yeah Right Records! in a limited run of 600 copies and features a silk screened cover art, mine is number 193 of 600 on black vinyl. Only 200 copied were released on black vinyl while the other 400 were orange vinyl.

Side Yeah features the Toronto band C'mon which is led by Ian Blurton, of whom has been in such bands as Change Of Heart, Blurtonia and C'mon. Ian has also produced a lot of albums in between his own bands. Ian is now in a band called Public Animal.

The song is called Stealing Seconds which is a great garage rock n' roll song.

Side Right features the Vancouver band Pride Tiger who was led by Matt Wood on drums and vocals, something you don't see very often. Matt now drums for the metal band Bison. Pride Tiger only released one full length album which was called Lucky Ones, a great album by the way.

The song by Pride Tiger on this release is a song called No Distractions which reminds me of a mix of Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy.

You can listen to these two songs by clicking here. Enjoy!!!

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