Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blackbyrd Record Store Day after party with No Problem

After hanging around home and listening to music all afternoon, it was off to the Blackbyrd Myoozik Record Store Day after party in the alley of the record shop. The party consisted of a couple of DJ's spinning music, free beer from Red Racer and Edmonton punk band No Problem.

The after party started at 6pm, with No Problem starting at 8pm. The half keg they had for those in attendance ran out rather quickly, but they cracked open another one before the band started, so that was good as things were just getting fun!

This was my second time seeing No Problem perform and again these guys kicked ass. This is how punk should be, loud, obnoxious and in your face. Lead singer/guitar player Graeme MacKinnon is a great front man for this kind of music. He was entertaining, could actually understand the lyrics and again in your face, very impressive. Backing up the band are Matt Bouchard on bass, Ian Whithamon drums and on guitar Steve Lewis who all held there own as well. Their 40 minute set was awesome. Great party Blackbyrd, thank you! Good times!!!

No Problem.

No Problem - Kid Killer seven inch limited edition release.

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