Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rocky Votolato Live In Edmonton April 24th 2016

On Sunday night I went to my first living room show. This show featured Rocky Votolato who is touring across Canada promoting his newest album Sawdust & Shavings. Rocky Votolato is an American singer/songwriter originally from Texas but now calls home Seattle. This was my first time seeing him in concert. I've been listening to his music off and on for the past five years, thanks to my brother for introducing me to his music. His style of music is on the folk side. As he described it during the show, this will be a night of sad folk songs!

These living room shows is a newer concept that has been happening for a few years now, where a musician, usually a solo act books shows playing people's living rooms. Can a show be anymore intimate then playing a living room surrounded by about 30-40 people, I think not. A pretty cool concept I think. This show was hosted by a lady by the name of Andrea in a very nice home that looked and had the feel of a log cabin in the middle of the city over looking the river valley here in Edmonton. A very cool setting.

Rocky played for just over an hour and half way through the set he did a Q&A session with the audience. It was cool to see him perform with no amps, microphone, just him on acoustic, and the acoustics sounded great in this setting, his voice was outstanding too. I wish I could tell you the title of the songs he played, but to be honest I am not familiar enough with his stuff to know the titles, sorry. He told some stories between songs, talked about Chuck Ragan another musician who got his start playing hardcore music and is now doing the acoustic thing. Rocky has very high praise for Chuck. It was an interesting show, that really didn't sink in until the following day. The crowd was easy going and mellow, well behaved with people swilling a few beers and wine during the show, in which you were allowed to bring. There was one awkward moment during the show when a guy taking the pictures at the show got a little to close, ok, more then close, he was right in Rocky's face taking pictures, so close that Rocky lost the moment in the song and had to start over as he had forgot where he was in the song.

All and all a fun night for my first living-room concert. Good times!!!

Rocky Votolato.

A couple of albums I bought from Rocky after the show. This vinyl is from his punk/folk band Waxwing that were together between 1996-2005.


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