Saturday, July 13, 2013

Audio/Rocketry and Carpenter July 6th 2013

On Saturday July 6th my buddy Hurl and I went to the Pawn Shop here in Edmonton to catch Vancouver band Carpenter with locals Audio/Rocketry. There were two other local bands on the bill, which we missed, as we were having beers at home before the show.

This was my third time seeing Carpenter in concert and the best out of the three times. Looks like Carpenter has built up a good following in Edmonton as lead singer Dan Sioui was putting the microphone up over the crowd and letting the audience take over on vocals a few times during the performance. The crowd was really in to Carpenter. Lead singer Dan is always entertaining to watch perform with his high kicks and jumping around, and with Ryan Howlett also playing with the band on this tour, it gave Dan more time to concentrate on the vocals and do his awesome high kicks. The band sounded great. Another awesome show by Carpenter, and word is they will be back in September.

Carpenter at the Pawn Shop.

The last band of the evening was local 'folk/roots/punk' band Audio/Rocketry. This was my second time seeing them live and wow, they were even better then the first time I saw them. Audio/Rocketry sound like a gritty punk version of Mumford & Sons. Led by lead singer Joe Vickers who writes most of the lyrics, with Blair Drover on banjo and bassist Matt Murphy making up the core of the band, they played an hour some set that rocked, with some heavy toe tapping, fist pumping and shouting along to the words. From what I understand this was a home coming show as they had just come back from a tour of Europe. It wasn't hard to tell they are a lot tighter of a band and see to be a lot more confident in their performance. The band has a big following in Edmonton and it showed with everyone in the audience singing along and dancing and drinking a storm up. A great performance, well worth checking out and their latest album "Piloting A Vehicle Of Audible Expressions" is a great recording. Nice to see another local band that should be making waves in the music industry. A great night of music. Good times!!!

Audio/Rocketry at the Pawn Shop.

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