Sunday, July 13, 2014

Earthless and The Shrine at Dickens June 21st 2014

We bailed the Olympic Plaza after Rocket From The Crypt and went to separate shows. My Bro. was off to see Bob Mould, and I was off to Dickens to see Earthless, The Shrine and Shooting Guns, I missed opener Temple. I would have got there in time to see Temple, had I not had such a good buzz on that I had to sit down and get my shit together. Been a fun day of drinking, maybe a bit too much. Anyways, had a bite to eat, sat in the shade, had some water and got it together.

This was another bill of stoner bands. That kind of day I guess. First band I caught was a band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan called Shooting Guns. I had heard of this band but had never heard their music before. They were alright, nothing special to me. The crowd were in to them though. A good crowd at the venue already too. People like there metal, I guess.

Shooting Guns.

Next up was The Shrine out of Los Angeles, California. The Shrine are three piece band that played a sludgy up tempo kind of music with a hint of Sabbath and psychedelia, I really liked them. It was fucking loud though, loud enough that I found a napkin and used it as ear plugs, but then I had been out all day listening to loud music, between the shows at the Bamboo, and Olympic Plaza and now Dickens, it was a relief to the ol' ears.

The Shrine.

Album I bought at the show.

Headliner of the night was San Diego based instrumental band Earthless. Their music is heavy with a hint of psychedelicness. I enjoyed the first twenty minutes of the show, but after that it just started to all blur together, it all started to sound the same like it was one very long song, more like jamming. I guess that's what it was actually, just way to much noodling for me. No doubt the band is talented, but it just got boring to me. Kind of wish I had gone with my Brother to see Bob Mould, oh well, still fun. Good times!!!



All and all this was an awesome weekend, lots of great music, always good to hang with my brother, lots of laughs. This was my first time attending Sled Island Festival, and would highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys checking out new bands. I had a great time.

Here is a list of my top five new bands I discovered at Sled Island that I had never heard before.

#1 The Blind Shake
#2 War Baby
#3 Gaytheist
#4 The Stanfields
#5 Mark Mills

A big thank you to my Brother Captain Citrus for the passes and to him and his wife Erin for the accommodations. I had a blast, so much music and good times!!!!

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