Wednesday, July 9, 2014

War Baby and Gaytheist @ Bamboo Tiki Room June 21st 2014

After the fiasco of my brother breaking his arm Friday night and being at the hospital til 5:30 in the morning, Saturday started a little slow. Because my Bro was still a little droggy from medication Saturday morning. I went and ventured to a show by myself for day three of Sled Island.

I started my day by going to a place called The Bamboo Tiki Room a little hole in the wall venue, a very cool venue though nonetheless. This show was billed as a stoner rock afternoon, my kind of show. I only knew one band on the bill and that being the Edmonton band Gary DeBussy, but it was the band name Gaytheist that had me intrigued to see what these guys were about.

I got there in time to see a band from Vancouver called War Baby. And wow, this band kicked ass. A three piece band that at times really reminded me of Nirvana. An up and coming band I am thinking, keep your ears and eyes open for these guys.

War Baby.

Album I picked up.


The it was Edmonton band Gary DeBussy a three piece band that play all instrumental noise rock songs. I had seen them once before, and again, didn't really care for them.

Gary DeBussy.

Next up was a band from Portland, Oregon called Gaytheist. Another three piece band that rocked the shit out of the intimate venue. A great turn out for the band. The band was great with lead singer Jason Rivera being flamingly gay, his stories were hilarious as were some of the lyrics in their songs. These guys rocked and another band I would definitely go see again. Checkout their bandcamp page here. Good times!!!


I enjoyed the band so much that I bought both their albums.


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