Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rocket From The Crypt and The Blind Shake @ Olympic Plaza June 21st 2014

After the afternoon show, my Brother and I were off to the outdoor venue Olympic Plaza to catch a band from Minneapolis called The Blind Shake and Rocket From The Crypt, we weren't hanging around for Spiritualized as we has other shows to go to.

We got to the venue in time to catch The Blind Shake, a three piece band in which all of them were skin heads. I guess that's the shtick, not that it matters, it's the music that matters, and holy fuck did these guys ever kick ass. With no bass, just two guitars and a wicked drummer, this band just came at you full on. The drummer was amazing, just a five piece kit, but played it like incredibly. Despite some technical problems during their set, it didn't stop them from blasting you with one great rocking tune after another. Though I had never heard any of their music before, all of it rocked. A band with a great groove and rock to them. Checkout their web page with vids here and their bandcamp page here. It is a band that I will surely be watching for in the future. As openers for Rocket From The Crypt, they gave them a run for their money. One of my favorite bands of the weekend by far.

The Blind Shake.

Albums I picked up at the show.


Next band up was San Diego rockers Rocket From The Crypt, this was my second time seeing them live, it had been eleven years in between.
On the way to the show my Brother and I were talking about which RFTC tunes we really wanted to hear, as they have a lot of great tunes. My brother was hoping and predicted they would open with Middle from their 1995 album Scream, Dracula, Scream and I was hoping they would play Youg Livers from the same album, well, wouldn't you know it, we heard both songs within the first three songs they played. The band sounded tight, and looked to be having a blast performing. Their hour and twenty minute set was kick ass. Good times!!!

Rocket From The Crypt.

Rocket From The Crypt setlist.

Middle / Born in '69
On a Rope
Young Livers
Straight American Slave
I Know
Panic Scam
Made for You
I'm Not Invisible
Get Down
Sturdy Wrists
Ditch Digger
Light Me
A+ in Arson Class
Rid or Ride
Come See Come Saw

Dick on a Dog
When in Rome (Do the Jerk)

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