Friday, July 18, 2014

Steve Earle and The Dukes Live In Edmonton June 27th 2014

A few weeks ago my buddies A-Bomb and Buzzard and I went to the Steve Earle and the Dukes concert here in Edmonton at the Myer Horowitz Theatre, a nice intimate soft cushion venue that holds about 700 people. This was my ninth time seeing Steve Earle in concert.

Opening band of the evening was The Mastersons which is two members from Steve Earle's back up band The Dukes. The two members were guitar player Chris Masterson and wife Eleanor Whitmore on fiddle. There brand of alt country was good, nothing special, or that was my feeling anyways. I enjoyed their set, but have to admit I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see just them perform.

Eleanor Whitmore of The Mastersons.

Steve Earle and the Dukes hit the stage, and it was about three songs in to the set, where I got the feeling that Steve was loose and gritty on this night. It wasn't long after that he mentioned he is now a single man again, he must have split with his wife of nine years musician Allison Moorer. Which would mean he has been married I believe it's eight times now. Anyways, he just seemed to have some grit in his performance on this evening.

Steve Earle played a wicked set playing his usual hits "Copperhead Road", "Guitar Town" and "The Devil's Right Hand". But some gems that I have always liked and he doesn't always play, like my favorite Steve Earle song "Ben McCulloch" from his 1995 album "Train A Comin'". Other favorites were played as well such as "My Old Friend The Blues", "Taneytown", and some new one like "Calico County", "After Mardi Gras", "21st Century Blues" and the title song "The Low Highway". And then he also did a couple of covers including The Band song "Rag Mama Rag" and the Troggs song "Wild Thing". Just an unbelievable selection of songs. This twice in a row now that I have seen him put on a great performance, the last time being ten months ago at an outdoor festival here in Edmonton. Two way different setting and two great shows. A great way to spend a Friday evening listening to Steve and his wicked band play for two solid hours. But why is there always a couple of drunken jack-asses that have to comment and make stupid remarks through out the show. Fuck off already, ok, we get it, your drunk, assholes!!! A big thanks to my buddy A-Bomb for picking up tickets. Good times!!!

Steve Earle and the Dukes at the Myer Horowitz Theatre Edmonton.

Some video footage I took at the show.




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