Sunday, July 6, 2014

Joel Plaskett Emergency and Elliott BROOD @ Flames Central June 20th 2014

So after catching the Joel Plaskett Emergency show at Olympic Plaza, it was time to make a quick jaunt two blocks down the road to catch the Elliott BROOD and Joel Plaskett show at Flames Central. As luck would have it, we made it to the venue just in time to catch curator of the show Dave Hodge of CBC/TSN fame introduce Elliot BROOD.

This was my third time seeing Elliott BROOD in concert. This three piece alt country band from Toronto, Ontario get better and better every time I see them play. Their hour long set was full of energy, great harmony between the three members and a great sing along especially on the song "Oh Alberta". So glad we were able to catch them perform, a great opener for Joel Plaskett Emergency.

Elliott BROOD.

Next up was Joel Plaskett Emergency for the second time this night. Indoors at Flames Central, which was a nice break from being wet, with the crowd and heat in the venue, it didn't take long to dry out.

Joel and his band put on another stellar show, switching up the set list by about twenty-five percent from the outdoor show earlier. So that was good. They played for almost two hours at this show. Opening this time with the song "North Star" from Scrappy Happiness. I never get bored of this band, I could see them play multiple times in a row as they know how to change up the setlists and still sound tight. For the encore, Joel Plaskett Emergency had opener Elliot BROOD and curator Dave Hodge come out and sing along to the last song, be damned if I can recall what song it was. All and all this was another amazing show. We hung around after the show and got to meet Joel Plaskett and drummer Dave Marsh, both super nice guys. Thanks to our friend Jean for lining that up for us.

One bummer for the night, was after the show had ended, my brother went to look at merchandise when he tripped up on a stair and fell and broke his arm. Damn dude, you were probably the only sober person at the show too. But he held it together long enough to meet the band all the while holding his arm up not knowing that it was broken, shitty deal Bro. Stay strong. Good times!!!

Dave Hodge of TSN the curator of the show. It was different seeing him in jeans instead of his usual suit that he wears when on TV, and then to hear him drop the F bomb while introducing the bands.

Joel Plaskett Emergency.

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