Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bob Dylan Live in Edmonton July 19th 2017

On Wednesday it was another trip to Rogers Place with Buzzard, Char and Janis this time to catch Bob Dylan in concert. This was my eleventh time seeing him live. A man I will see in concert any chance I get.

This time like the last few times I have seen him, his stage was bare, not much lighting and at his warbly best. IN recent years I am finding Bob isn't so much a folk artist anymore as he is jazz. He never plays a song the same way twice and it really seems his back up band which still includes Charlie Sexton on guitar, just follow Bob's lead. Bob didn't touch the guitar or harmonica during this show. He pretty much stood and played the piano and sang, I did see him crack a smile at one point. I had been watching Bob's setlist leading up to the show, and he hasn't changed it at all on this leg of the tour, so I knew what to expect for song selection, yet it's never boring. Now if you are a fan of Bob and expecting to hear songs the way they sound on record, you would be disappointed I am sure. I myself love the way he messes with his own songs.

The night opened with Bob playing "Things Have Changed" and then into "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright", for some I am sure it took a bit to realize what songs he was playing. His version of "Highway 61 Revisited" again was different but still good. I really enjoyed "Duquesne Whistle" from his last original material album Tempest, I actually enjoyed this version more so then the album version. Bob actually did quite a few songs from the Tempest album. He also did some of his versions of old 50's songs from his Triplicate album that came out earlier this year. Old crooner songs as I like to call them.

Tangled Up In Blue which is one of Bob's most popular songs was again very different but great, as was "Desolation Row". As per usual Bob said absolutely nothing to the audience through out the show, not even introducing his back up band, which is not unusual. To close out the night Dylan did "Blowin' In The Wind" followed up with "Ballad Of A Thin Man" and before you knew it the show was done. I really enjoyed the show once again. I wasn't able to get any pictures at the show as there was a no camera policy and security were super tight about it too. My guess for attendance would be about 7,000, they had the upper bowl curtained off. Good times!!!

Bob Dylan setlist for Edmonton show.

Bob's dimly lit stage.

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