Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Worst Days Down @ The Needle July 8th 2017

On Saturday night my Cuz and I went to a show at The Needle. The Needle has started putting on free Saturday night shows promoting local talent, how fucking cool is that. This time around it was Worst Days Down headlining, which was the main reason I came out for the show. The other two bands on the bill were bands I had not heard of before The Peddletones and A Gentlemans Pact.

We got there earlier then we had anticipated, so we ended up catching both openers. First up was The Peddletones. They play a rocking style of country music with an edge. They were actually alright, I didn't mind them.

The Peddletones.

After the Peddletones it was band called A Gentleman's Pact who were celebrating the release of their new album. AGP play a hard rocking style of music with a hardcore influence. They had the dance floor moshing about and dancing, looked like they had a lot of friends at the show. I thought they were alright, a band with a lot of energy and looked to be having a lot of fun performing.

A Gentleman's Pact.

Up next was headliners Worst Days Down. This was my second time seeing the band live. Worst Days Down is led by Ben Sir on guitar and vocals and songwriter. I've been a big fan of Ben since the first time I saw him perform back in 2012 when he played an acoustic set at bar in the hood. At that time he had released an acoustic album called "Money, God and Other Drugs". Actually it might not have even been out yet as after his set I got talking to him, and he gave me a CDR of the album and a t-shirt. Ben is a very nice man and easy to talk to and takes the time to talk with his fans. Well now Ben has got a full band on the go and a new album that came out earlier this year called "Elsewhere", which is an awesome album. Ben is surrounded buy great musicians and a great bunch of guys.

If you are a fan of bands such as Social Distortion, Gaslight Anthem and early Goo Goo Dolls influence, I'm pretty sure you will dig this band. Their live shows are an all out rock n' roll affair with a punk edge. A great tight band, with some catchy songs with great lyrics. On Saturday night the band played to a decent crowd (a bigger venue for these guys) with everyone in to it, and the band was rocking out like they always do. Some of the songs they did from the new album were "Iowa Won't Last Forever", "Fumes", the title song "Elsewhere", "Manatee County" and they even did a new song I believe it was called "Island Night" which sounded great as well. All and all a great show by Worst Days Down. This show is probably their only show in the Edmonton this summer as the boys are hitting the road touring all over North America and then heading to the UK for a tour as well. Busy guys they are going to be.

If you are into tock n' roll with a punk edge this is a band that is really worth looking in to.

Good times!!!

Worst Days Down.

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