Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Leeroy Stagger Live in Edmonton July 1st 2017

On Saturday which was Canada Day I made my way down to the Legislature Grounds to catch Leeroy Stagger's set. This was my twelfth time seeing him in concert. And as I have said many times before, again, another great show with Leeroy really highlighting his new album Love Versus. He has been on the road steady since the release back in April.

Saturday was a beautiful hot sunny day until we headed to the show, started to cloud over and by the time Leeroy and band hit the stage it was an all out rain storm. Pissed down rain for the full hour Leeroy was on stage. Even though it was raining there was still a decent turnout for his show, with pretty much taking cover to stay dry. But me being the dumb ass I am, and fan too of course. My Cuz and I stood in the pouring rain and rocked out through the whole show, ya we were soaked but it was all worth it. Ten minutes after the show, guess what happens. Yup, it stops raining clears up and ends up being a beautiful night for the fireworks. Oh well, it was still a blast and Leeroy put on another awesome show. Good times!!!

Leeroy Stagger in Edmonton at the Legislature Grounds on Canada Day.

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