Saturday, August 27, 2011

Concert Shirt/Poster Of The Day Aug.27th (Pemberton Festival)

Today's t-shirt is from the Pemberton Festival my buddy Hurl and I went to in Pemberton, British Columbia in 2008. It was a twelve hour drive from Edmonton to get to this festival, but what a fucking time it was. Well worth the time and money. It was the first time they had put on the fest and unfortunately the last too. While the fest wasn't run all that well, with long waits to get on to the site, although, the way we got there, we had no wait. But if you were coming to it from Vancouver, it was a nightmare. Hurl and I had an absolute blast at this festival, partying hard for 2 days and seeing some wicked bands, and few bands that I had never seen before. An awesome line up that included the following bands that we caught.

On the Friday night we saw... Nine Inch Nails (this was the first time I saw them), Serj Tankian of System Of A Down (first time seeing him solo), Wolfmother (2nd time seeing them), Kathleen Edwards (first time seeing her).

Saturday we saw...Tom Petty (first time seeing him),The Tragically Hip (12th time seeing The Hip), Flaming Lips (first time), My Morning Jacket (2nd time), Sam Roberts (3rd time), Secret Machines (2nd time) and Black Mountain (first time).

After two days of hard drinking and among other things, no shower, covered in dust and a wicked hang over, we woke up Sunday morning and decided to call it a day. It was going to be a 3 hour wait before bands started and it was raining, we said the hell with this and made the twelve hour drive back home.

This was one of the best weekend I have ever had, good times, awesome bands, great location for a festival. I just wish they were still putting on this festival, I would have gone again. Good times!!!



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