Thursday, June 26, 2014

B-Lines, The Slates and Fury Things at Sloth Records June 19th 2014

So after seeing a show Wednesday night and being up til almost 3am, I was scheduled to catch the bus at 8am for Calgary. I was off to attend the Sled Island Music and Art Festival. I figured being up late the night before, I would just sleep all the way to Calgary. Well, wouldn't you know it, I get on the 8am bus and who sits next to me but Miss Chatty, holy shit this lady didn't shut up for the first two hours of the trip, talking to a friend across from her. Hell, even music couldn't drown this lady out. Needless to say, it was no sleep, and I was in for a busy day going to shows all day.

This festival is in it's eighth year, with last years events being cancelled due to the flooding in Calgary and area. This years edition boasted some 250 bands, comedians and artists. So lots to see, hear and do. And thanks to my brother who works at a record/coffee/grocery/drug store in Calgary (Luke's). He managed to score us passes for the festival and even artist lounge passes, which got us in to the Calgary Tower top floor for beers and food. Thanks Bro!!!

I got into Calgary at noon, my brother Citrus met me at the station, and we were off and running. First shows to attend started at 1pm at Sloth Records. After a quick stop at his place, downed myself a few beers, feeling better now. We made it to Sloth Records just in time to catch the first band Fury Things out of Minneapolis. They were a three piece band that played a fuzzed out pop punk I guess you could call it. I thought they started strong but got weaker as the show went on. Either that or the songs just started to sound alike.

Fury Things.

Next up was a band I was familiar with The Slates out of Edmonton. My brother was stoked about finally getting to see these guys. This was my third time seeing them perform. The band keeps getting stronger each time I see them, although on this day they had a replacement drummer sitting in (he filled the position nicely). The Slates are out promoting their newest album Taiga which was produced by the iconic Steve Albini. The Slates play a punk/alternative kind of music. The performance at Sloth was loud and good.

The Slates.

The last band of the afternoon at the record shop was Vancouver punks B-Lines. These guys played true punk rock with the lead singer in your face and full of energy and complaining about this being one of the first times he has performed sober. Well, it didn't take him long to down a couple of beers and really get in to the act. He is spastic, intense and almost intimidating, not sure I would want to see this guys drunk and performing. Ok, who am I kidding, of course I would. The B-Lines put on a great show, it was short, but good.


A great turn out for all the bands. The bands played for free, so they were taking donations and it looked to me like a lot of people were donating, me included. Good on everyone pitching in, and thanks to Sloth Records for hosting the bands. A great record shop as well by the way. I know I dropped a few bucks there.

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