Monday, June 30, 2014

Renny Wilson and Tough Age June 20th 2014

On Friday which was day two of Sled Island for myself, my Brother and I started the day with some record shopping. In which I picked up my fair share of new records. After that it was off to the Calgary Tower in downtown Calgary to checkout the artists lounge atop of the tower. My brother had managed to get us passes to get access to it. So we went to the top and had a bite to eat and a couple of quick beers. While there I ran in to Marty Marquis the keyboard player for Blitzen Trapper. Now knowing that this was the artists lounge which is a sanctuary for the bands, a place where they can relax and get away from stuff. I still figured I would at least say hi. Well, Marty ended up being a super nice guy, I had a quick beer with him and talked about their tour and bands for a bit. He was nice enough to take the time and have a picture taken with me. Thanks Marty!!!

Calgary Tower.

There is the venue (Olympic Plaza) we were going to for the outdoor show later that night.

Marty of Blitzen Trapper and me.

After our visit to the tower, we were off to a place called the Commonwealth to catch a bit of the Mint Records showcase. On this bill were Supermoon, Renny Wilson, Tough Age and Jay Arner. We got there in time to catch the last bit of Edmontonian Renny Wilson's set. My brother really wanted to see Vancouver band Tough Age. We watched their whole set. I myself didn't much care for them.

Renny Wilson.

Tough Age.

We didn't stick around for Jay Arner as it was time to chill for a bit and get ready for the evening shows we were going to.

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