Friday, June 27, 2014

Lab Coast, Fist City and Mark Mills at The Palomino June 19th 2014

After the in store show at Sloth Records, we were off to the Palomino Smokehouse to catch the following bands Lab Coast, Fist City and Mark Mills. This was my first time at this venue, I heard lots about it from my Brother, and have to say I was impressed. The smell of the smoked BBQ food when you walk in makes your mouth water instantly. The place has a small stage upstairs and a bigger stage in the basement of the club. The bands we saw were all upstairs on this afternoon.

The first band we caught was Calgary band Lab Coast. They are an indie pop band, I'm not really much of a fan of pop music, but the style Lab Coast played was excellent. Seems like it would be great music for a sunny afternoon having a few beers, in which I did. One of the guitar players Samantha Savage Smith I had heard of before, with her solo work, I had no idea that she also played in this band. Her voice is amazing. I picked up their latest release "Walking On Ayr".

Lab Coast.

Next up was Fist City also from Calgary. They play a punk style of music. I was impressed with them and the lead singer Kier Griffiths can really crank it out, lots of energy and very tight. Good stuff.

Fist City.

And last but not least was an artist by the name of Mark Mills. My brother had seen him perform the night before and had said he was very entertaining. Well, I couldn't agree more. Mark was a blast to see live. It was just him with a guitar, keyboard and a drum machine playing some funky dance beats. His lyrics were hilarious and his energy infectious. He reminded me of what Beck may have been like when he first got started. Keep your ears and eyes open for Mark Mills, I think he is going to only get bigger and better. My Brother and I had the opportunity to meet Mark, he was very nice guy and took the time to talk and greet his fans. Super nice. Good times!!!

Mark Mills.

Limited Edition Cassette I also picked up.

Mmmm beer.

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