Saturday, June 28, 2014

Old Man Markley and The Stanfields June 19th 2014

After the Palomino it was time for a little chill, then it was off to the Ship & Anchor to catch the The Wicks, The Stanfields and Old Man Markley.

We got there as The Wicks were playing but spent most of their set out on the patio having a few drinks and taking in the nice weather. So I can't say much about The Wicks.

Next up was a band out of Halifax, Nova Scotia called The Stanfields. This was a band I had never heard of before, but am all over them now. Their folk/celtic punk tinged music was fucking awesome. They had the place rocking, dancing and singing along. They were going to be a hard act to follow that's for sure. Very impressive.

The Stanfields.

Headliner of the evening was Old Man Markley from Los Angeles, California. I was looking forward to hearing their brand of bluegrass punk music. I have one of their albums and wasn't all that impressed with it, but figured they are probably way better live. Well, after The Stanfields, I have to say Old Man Markley just didn't cut it for me. They were alright, but nothing special, they seemed to lack bite. But then maybe that was just me. The rest of the sold out audience ate their shit up. I believe they were missing their washboard player, which might be a reason they seemed to lack something. All and all though, another great show. A cool venue too, as it has been around forever. A great first day of Sled Island for myself. Good times!!!

Old Man Markley.

The Stanfields t-shirt and vinyl I picked up at the show.

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