Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anvil Live In Edmonton May 27th 2011

Well, now that my head has stopped pounding and my ears stopped ringing, time for my review of the Anvil show at The Starlite Room Friday evening.

This was my first time seeing Anvil in concert. After 27 years of going to shows, I finally got the chance to see them. And it was worth the wait. What a great time my buddy Leo and I had at the show. Anvil had a good turn out, probably around 400 people. Lots of old school metal heads in attendance.

We missed the opening band, not even sure who it was. But got there in time to grab a cold one and get to the front of the stage as Anvil came on. Nice to see the response Anvil got after doing this for 34 years and, just now finally getting the recognition they deserve. Anvil played for an hour and a half playing lots of the old stuff and some new stuff from their new album "Juggernaut Of Justice", they played the title song as well as "Fuken Eh!". And of course Lips,Glenn Five and Robb Reiner played lots of old stuff, songs I recall and knew were Mothra, that was a fun one, 666 does it get more metal than that, oh ya it do, Forged In Fire had the crowd banging and singing along, they closed out the set with there biggest hit Metal On Metal before coming back for a encore, which I don't recall which song it was. Drummer Robb Reiner was awesome as was Lips singing his heart out and looking like he was having the time of his life,always smiling and telling some great stories. The new guy, bass player Glenn Five was excellent, the new guy, and that's after being in Anvil for 15 years. These guys just don't give up. Horns up to the boys. A really fun show, and hoping it's not another 20 some years before they come through town again. Good times!!!

Lead singer, guitar player Lips.

Bass player Glenn Five.

Lips again.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a decent picture of drummer Robb Reiner as he is just way to active, pounding the shit out of the drums.



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