Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet and Greet with Anvil

Wow, just got back from the meet and greet with the old school metal heads Anvil at Axe Music in Edmonton. That was tough, I got there plenty early figuring there would be a few people in line. Well, I got there about 30 minutes early and to my surprise no one there yet. I had to ask if the Anvil signing was still on. Yes, was her answer. I lined up, that's after I met them out back while I was having a cold one. That is once I did know the thing was still on. here my paparazzi picture,lol.

Robb Reiner behind Axe Music.

While waiting in the store, I ran into lead guitarist Lips, he was nice enough to say hi and shake my hand. After saying, "what the fuck, where are the other guys". He then said to me," can't help but look at guitars in here, it would be like being in a whore house blindfolded if you didn't have a look".. That made me laugh, Lips is truly a real down to earth guy, you can't help but feel comfortable around the guy.

Finally the group gathered, Lips, Robb Reiner and bass player Glenn Five. Shitty deal, there is next to no one at the meet and greet, about a dozen people. Fuck, did I ever feel bad for the guys. Lips was cool through it all though. He took the time to talk to me a bit, signed my Hard N' Heavy album, made a comment about that, and listened to me when I told him about my favorite part of the movie: Anvil The Story.

I asked the guys if they would do the song "Smoking Green". Robb was quick to say, no, it's not on the set list, shitty deal. I would love to hear them do that song tonite.

It was cool to meet the guys, too bad about the terrible turn out. Could be to lack of advertising, the only was I knew about it was a post on their facebook page mentioning it 3 weeks ago. There was no ads in the weeklies, newspapers or radio ads, nothing on the Axe website or Anvil's. Maybe that had something to do with no one there. And it was in the afternoon, when most people have to work. I know I did, but booked the afternoon off, so that I would go and meet the guys. I am glad I did. Looking forward to the show this evening at The Starlite Room.

While in line.

Lips, such a cool guy!!!

After the line up.

Now off to Permanent Records to see a free show with the band, The Details from Winnipeg.

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