Wednesday, May 11, 2011

System Of A Down Live In Edmonton May 10th 2011

Last night my buddy A-Bomb and I attended the opening night of System Of A Down newest tour at Rexall Place. This was the first time the band has toured since 2006, why they chose Edmonton to start their tour is beyond me, but not complaining. The opening act for this show was New York gypsies Gogol Bordello. This was going to be an awesome double bill.

This was my second time seeing Gogol Bordello play live. The first time being at Red's in a bar, which was an incredible show. So I was really looking forward to seeing them again. To my disappointment, Gogol wasn't all that good this time. Maybe it was the atmosphere, which would be a lame excuse, cause it seemed like a lot of the people were there to see them. The sound was awful for them as you could barely understand what lead singer Eugene Hutz was singing, and what was up with the masked rapper guy, he was awful too. The band was full of energy and played their hearts out, blazing away on violin,accordion and other weird instruments you wouldn't normally see at metal show. All and all not a very good set.

Next up was headliner System Of A Down playing their first show together since 2006. This was my third time seeing them in concert. The sold out pumped up crowd of 14,000 was definitely ready for this show. SOAD opened with the Prison Song from their Toxicity album. The band sounded a bit sloppy at first, I didn't think they found there groove til about 6 songs in to the set. Once they did though, fuck were they on. They played songs from all 5 of their albums. the stage set up was quite simple, no crazy light show, no video screens, just the band,simple lighting, back drop and some loud thrashing. Nice to see just the music doing the talking in this show. Lead singer Serj Tankian sounded good, as did the band for not playing together for 5 years. System Of A Down have a very unique sound for a metal band. I would call them the Frank Zappa of metal. The band played for a solid 2 hours and not letting up during them 2 hours. There was no encore, not for lack of trying to get then out again. The crowd really appreciated them and hooted and hollered for quite a while after there awesome set. I was very impressed with them, and have to say this was by far the best I have seen them play. It was cool to see guitar played Daron Malkian sporting an Edmonton Oilers jersey. Welcome back System, hope to see you come back through town soon.

System Of A Down set list for the Edmonton show.
01. Prison Song
02. B.Y.O.B.
03. Know
04. Needles
05. Deer Dance
06. Attack
07. Radio/Video
08. Hypnotize
09. Question!
10. Suggestions
11. Psycho
12. Chop Suey!
13. Lonely Day
14. Soldier Side - Intro
15. Soldier Side
16. Kill Rock 'n Roll
17. Lost in Hollywood
18. Forest
19. Science
20. Holy Mountains
21. Aerials
22. Tentative
23. Cigaro
24. Suite-Pee
25. War?
26. Toxicity
27. P.L.U.C.K.
28. Sartarabad
29. Sugar



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