Monday, May 2, 2011

Pixies In Concert May 1st Edmonton

Sunday evening I saw the Pixies perform in Edmonton at The Shaw Conference Centre to a sold out audience of about 5,000 fans. This was there first visit here since 2004 when they played Red's. I have to admit I never followed the band in the 90's and only got into them in the past 3 or 4 years, thanks to my brother.

The show Sunday night was based around their 1989 album "Doolittle". The band played this album in it's entirety, but opened the dhow with 4 b-side songs, in which I didn't know. When they started the Doolittle album the crowd went nuts and rushed to the front. Which you had to do, cause in the back of the venue where the beer gardens were, the sound was terrible, it just sounded like noise back there. So the closer you got, the better the sound was. And they were sounding good. I have always liked the bass sound in the Pixies thanks to Kim Deal's playing, basic bass, but for some reason really resonates with me. She did most of the in between song banter and looked to really be enjoying herself. The whole band seemed to like the affection the crowd was throwing their way. Lead singer Black Francis sounded good and guitar player Joey Santiago and drummer David Lovering were bang on as well.

After playing all of Doolittle, the band came back for two encores playing old favorites like Wave Of Mutilation, Where Is My Mind and Gigantic, which got a gigantic rise from the audience. The encores were done with the house lights on, which was kind of neat, you could really see how many people were there. They played for an hour and half and the time went quick. All and all I really enjoyed the show and would love to see them play again. Unfortunately I missed the opening band from Winnipeg Imaginary Cities. Also, what was up with all the security there last night, holy fucking security overkill, every time you turned around you were bumping into a security guard or cop. Good times!!!

Setlist for Edmonton show.

1.Dancing the Manta Ray
2.Weird At My School
3.Bailey's Walk
4.Manta Ray
7.Wave of Mutilation
8.I Bleed
9.Here Comes Your Man
11.Monkey Gone to Heaven
12.Mr. Grieves
13.Crackity Jones
14.La La Love You
15.No. 13 Baby
16.There Goes My Gun
19.Gouge Away

20.Wave of Mutilation
21.Into the White

Encore 2:
22.Bone Machine
24.Isla De Encanta
25.Where Is My Mind



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