Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Concert Poster Of The Day May 4th (Taj Mahal)

Today's poster is from the Taj Mahal and Ruthie Foster concert my buddy A-Bomb and I went to in 2006 at The Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton. I was looking forward to this show as I had only recently started to get into blues artist Taj Mahal. This show was huge disappointment to me. It just wasn't a very good show, he didn't seem very energetic about this performance and the crowd was lame too. You know it's a lame crowd when the person next to you is eating licorice during the show, wow, that's not very concert like. This show may have been better if it had been in a bar where you could dance have a drink and get into the music a bit more instead of sitting in a soft seat trying to stay awake.

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