Friday, May 6, 2011

Concert Shirt Of The Day May 6th (KISS)

Today's t-shirt is from the sixth time I saw KISS in concert, this was my fourth time seeing them perform with the make up on. This show was in 2000 at the Skyreach Centre in Edmonton, when KISS were on their Farewell Tour and the last time KISS played Edmonton. The show was with all the original members too. Opening bands were Skid Row minus Sebastian Bach, whom I missed and Ted Nugent. It was my first time seeing Ted Nugent in concert. I was looking forward to seeing him, but was let down by his show, way too loud, you couldn't tell what song he was playing til about half way through a song, when you finally caught a riff and tried to guess what he was playing, just way too loud. As for KISS, well being a big KISS fan, I thought they were awesome.

Real cool t-shirt I got at the show.



A friend of mine had a buddy working at the show and was able to snag a Paul Stanley guitar pick for me. Thanks Andrew, much appreciated.

In concert news... KISS will be playing in Fort McMurray Saturday July 2nd at McDonald Island Park. Fart Mac is about 4 hours north of Edmonton, this show might be worth checking out.

A little story about this show.

Then on July 20th I got to see KISS yet again for my fourth time in a matter of 3 years at The Skyreach Centre (Coliseum) and what a story this show ended up being, not so much the show itself, but what happened before the big show.
This KISS show was at the same time as the exhibition (Klondike Days) so with a ticket you got into Klondike Days free. Well, the day started with work of course, but at the time I had an excellent job, where we were able to drink and smoke all day, ya, like I say an excellent job,lol. So one of my co-workers (Psycho) and well actually all of us at work were drinking having a good time at work no less. It was a slow day at work so my buddy Psycho and I decided and got permission to leave early (2pm) and go to the grounds of K-Days and have a few more drinks before the show. Psycho wasn't going to the show, but decided to hang out with me before I went to the show. So we picked up a six pack and drank that on the way to the grounds and parked and had a few more in the parking lot. As you can imagine we were both pretty lit up by the time we entered the exhibition grounds. This is when the fun really started. So we get to the entrance gates to the grounds, of course I have my KISS ticket which entitles me to free entrance. Well, Psycho just walks right through the gate and keeps walking, while the gate keeper stops me and asks for our tickets, I show him mine, which is cool, but then I start getting hassled about my friend who just walked in. I told the guy, not my problem and I am not paying his way, shit out of luck buddy. The guy should have stopped him, and by now, he is long gone in the crowd, ha, one free entrance,lol. So, I catch up to psycho and we have a good laugh, but now I am really wondering what is going to be in store for us the rest of the afternoon. Well, sure enough, lots more!!!!
Now we are wandering the grounds, drinking some skunky warm draft and having a good time. He decides he is going to go play a few games, while I go gamble and some of the roulette tables. When all of a sudden I hear a commotion, I look back from the table and see Psycho walking quick towards me, I leave the table and hook up with him, when he says, " we have to split up" so we each go our own way, well as quick as that happened all of a sudden there are four cops that came out of nowhere, 2 on me and 2 on him. They quickly tackled him and cuffed him while the other 2 pigs questioned me and gave me a hard time, although I hadn't done fuck all. As the pigs are bothering me, I am watching them slam Psycho to the ground, face down, hands cuffed behind his back, when a pig slams his knee into the back of his head on the concrete splitting his forehead open (for 7 stitches), blood everywhere. So I start asking the pigs bugging me for there badge numbers, cause this isn't right. I was told to shut the fuck up and mind my own business or I was going to the slammer with him ( for public drunkenness). Well, needless to say, I did just that, shut up and they let me go, as I watched them cart him away bleeding allover the place.
I later found out from Psycho, that what had happened is the carnival worker had cheated him out of a prize, so he popped him in the face and broke his glasses. Hence, the pigs being all over him, still it was needless to slam him into the concrete when he was already cuffed and by then 4 pigs all around him. Yup, it was a wacky afternoon. That put a damper on the rest of the day and night, but the KISS show still kicked ass. But that was the highlight of that KISS concert lol,Ted Nugent and Skid Row opened for this show, Ted was good but way too loud, you never knew what song he was playing til half way through, and Skid Row I missed. Good times!!!!!

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