Sunday, May 22, 2011

Concert Poster Of The Day May 22nd (Tragically Hip)

Today's poster is from the fourth time I saw The Tragically Hip in concert. This show was part of the Another Roadside Attraction Tour (1995) that The Hip used to put on. This was the second time The Hip had done this kind of festival. The show was in High River, Alberta, just south of Calgary. This edition of the festival was probably my favorite line up, bands included, The Hip headlining of course, with The Inbreds, Eric's Trip, Rheostatics, Matthew Sweet, Blues Traveler, Spirit Of The West and Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers. What an awesome day of music, the weather was super nice,the camping was fun,the crowd was good, the beer gardens were a zoo, and hanging with the buddy's was a blast. I went to this show with Nerraw,Mik,Eor,A-Bomb,Julio,Geddy and T-Bone.

On our way to High River, we had to stop in Ponoka to pick up our friend T-Bone as he had a weekend pass to get out of the mental institution there, he had been in a bad accident months before and was recovering from a brain injury. Well, did we ever show him a good time. A funny memory from this show was Julio and I sitting under a picnic table getting out of the blazing sun and doing blow, funny fuckin' shit.

All the bands on this your were excellent and I was especially stoked to see Blues Traveler for the first time. Good times indeed!!!

Checkout the ticket price for this amazing line up.

In concert news... The Tragically Hip will be playing an outdoor show here in Edmonton at Northlands Park Thursday July 14th with opening acts Broken Social Scene and Hey Rosetta.

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    It's funny you just posted this. I'm trying to gather some info regarding this show for myself as well as my site Http:// I want to do a recap of our adventures (what I can remember) for the blog. I spent that summer working in Kananaskis... Anyway I've been trying to locate the exact concert site on Google Maps. Can you shed any light on this? Also, this is one of 2 shows that I've attended that I have no setlist for. I know Wheat Kings for sure. I distinctly remember that moment :) ??? Thanks for any help. Check out the old website from that event: