Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Sugar and Wide Mouth Mason Live in Edmonton 07.24.2011

Last night my buddy Hurl and I ventured down to Capital Ex Fairgrounds in Edmonton here to catch Wide Mouth Mason and Big Sugar play. This felt like a 90's flashback with these two Canadian bands playing together.

The evening started with Wide Mouth Mason opening. This was my fourth time seeing them play live, I used to think they were a good live band, but have to say I just found them really middle of the road last night. the only interesting thing about their show was seeing Gordie Johnson, lead guitarist and singer of Big Sugar sitting in with Wide Mouth Mason playing bass through out the set. Actually it looks like Gordie is a member of the band now. That was cool, but still after about 4 songs, it was back to the beer garden for us.

Next up was headliners Big Sugar who are back together and touring for their new album "Revolution Per Minute" which is there first new album in 10 years. Big Sugar were one of my favorite bands to see in concert, as this was my twelfth time seeing them play live. I am a huge fan of Gordie on guitar, the man can play like no other, seriously one of the most underrated guitar players in the world.

Big Sugar played a two hour set of all there hits and lots of new stuff including "Roads Ahead", "Come A Little Closer...Now Come!", "Little Bit A All Right" and "It's All I Know". Gordie and the band sounded good, with a real reggae feel. The band is now a nine piece band, with members Kelly "Mr. Chill" Hoppe still playing with them, playing the harp and horns and such, and of course bass player Garry Lowe keeping the groove happening. I do have to say though, I miss when Big Sugar was just a three piece band and were a little grittier and bluesier. Which is why I probably like Gordie's new band Grady a lot more. I have seen Big Sugar too many times and am starting to lose interest in them. Especially when they did a tune by The Trews, like really, why, play your own stuff please. Don't get me wrong, they are still awesome live. I just miss the old rock shows they used to put on. All and all, still a good time!!!

Big Sugar also brought up Clayton Bellamy of the Road Hammers to do a tune as well.

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