Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SOS Music Fest July 10th

On Sunday my friend Hurl and I went to the second annual SOS Music Festival (Sounds Of Old Strathcona) in Edmonton. This years festival was scaled back to just one day. Last year they had a bunch of bars on Whyte Avenue involved with bands playing all for three days, but this year just the one day street fest. They shut down Whyte Avenue (2 blocks off of it,anyways), which is the main strip in Edmonton from noon til 7pm.

Most of the bands playing this year I had never heard of, but for free, hell I'll check them out. The first band of the afternoon playing the main stage on 103 street was local band Scenic Route To Alaska. They are a three piece band that play a folk rock type of music. I thought they were quite good. The Fest was off to a good start, not a lot of people out to see them, but then the weather here has really sucked as of late, with lots of rain and overcast. So, I think people were tentative to come out. Overall, they were good.

On the quick run home to have a cold beer, we stopped to see Luke & Tess Pretty play on the smaller stage on 105th street. That didn't last long, as they were a couple of kids playing. Didn't really even give them a chance, damn we were thirsty after all. Who knows, maybe they will be the new White Stripes.

After a couple quick beers, it was back to the main stage to catch Vancouver duo The Pack A.D. This was my second time seeing them play live. Not really a fan of them, but they were probably the most recognizable name on the bill. For a duo, they sure are loud and rock out pretty good too. Still can't say I am a fan of them though. I will say though, that drummer Maya Miller can play the drums quite well and is entertaining with her between song banter.

Next stop was The Commie for a pint of beer before heading down to the 105th street stage to see Toronto band The Heartbroken. Again, a band I had never heard before but will be looking in to picking up some of their music real soon. They play a country/folk style of music, lead singer Damhnait Doyle has a very nice voice and easy on the eyes. Also some great song writing. I enjoyed their set. Watch for them as an up and coming Canadian band. Good stuff.

A quick jaunt home for another beer and off to see local rock band Wool On Wolves. They are a talented band of musicians that also put on a great show. Another band well worth looking in to.

After a few highballs at Hudsons, it was time to see Calgary band The Dudes play the main stage. I'm surprised I have never heard this band before as they have been around since 2006 from what I understand. They came out rocking reminding me a bit of an edgier Modest Mouse with a bit of Change Of Heart in them when they let it all rock out. I was really impressed with them. Probably my favorite band of the afternoon. Or maybe I was just getting a good buzz on. Don't matter, they rocked!!! By the time The Dudes hit the stage the sun was starting to come out finally and the street was starting to get busy.

We didn't hang around to catch the last act of the day who was a band called Wobble Wobble. That was enough for us. All and all a fun day of music and drinks, the weather cooperated, a decent turn out for the festival and good times!!! here is hoping they continue this festival. It is a great way to get introduced to a bunch of new bands.

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