Sunday, July 3, 2011

Black Keys Live In Edmonton June 29th 2011

On Wednesday night my buddy A-Bomb and I went to The Black Keys and Cage The Elephant concert here in Edmonton at Rexall Place. Not hat we had tickets when we went. We took our chances and went down to the venue to see if we could get general admission floor tickets. We ran into a ticket scalper that we have dealt with for years and scored ourselves pretty decent tickets, but we still wanted floor tickets, but what the hell, we were in the door that's what matters. I told my buddy, I know someone, a co-worker of mine that works at the Coliseum, we can leave him my name and location of our seats at the information booth, and he might be able to help us out. We weren't inside more then a minute when I ran into my co-worker, less then a minute later, there we were, on the floor,sweet!!! Thanks Alex.

We only caught the last two songs by opener Cage The Elephant. I have never really listened to them, they were alright, looked like the lead singer had lots of energy, jumping around like a mad man and then eventually jumping into the crowd to surf along every ones heads.

Next up were headliners from Akron,Ohio The Black Keys. The band has been turning out albums for 10 years now and finally made there way up to Edmonton for their first date ever here. I was quite surprised when this show was announced that they were going to play the Coliseum. I can see why now, the crowd was probably in the 10-12,000 people range.

The Black Keys are a two piece band with Dan Auerbach on guitar and vocals and drummer Patrick Carney. They opened their set with an old song called "Thickfreakness" from the album with the same name. They came out loud and rocking. I'm not good with their song titles, but I do know they played songs from their whole catalog of 9 albums, including some from their latest and best selling album "Brothers". I had read that they were touring with a full band now. I was starting to wonder when after about a half dozen songs it was still just the two of them on stage. Eventually the rest of the band did come out and do the rest of the show with them. They sounded really good as a full band, although there was nothing wrong with just the two of them either. The show was excellent, but short, I think they only played for about 80 minutes which is short when you have such a full catalog of music. Great gritty hard rocking blues music, if this is the future of blues music, I'm digging it. Good show and good times!!!

Setlist for Edmonton show.
Girl Is On My Mind
The Breaks
Stack Shot Billy
Act Nice and Gentle
(The Kinks cover)
Everlasting Light
Next Girl
Chop and Change
Howlin' For You
Tighten Up
She's Long Gone
Ten Cent Pistol
I'll Be Your Man
Strange Times
I Got Mine
Sinister Kid
Your Touch



In concert news...Cage The Elephant will be playing in Edmonton again opening for the Foo Fighters on Friday October 28th.

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