Thursday, July 28, 2011

Concert Ad Of The Day July 28th (The Alleyboys)

Today's concert advertisement is from the time I saw San Francisco band The Alleyboys play at Peoples Pub in Edmonton in 1996. This was a great show, I had never heard of the band at the time, but they reminded me of Social D after seeing them. They rocked the joint. Speaking of joint, at this show, I stepped outside for a hoot between bands. While out smoking, a couple of pigs happened to be walking down the alley of Whyte Ave. when they smelled pot, I spotted them and quickly flicked the doobie to the ground. It didn't take long for the pigs to run up and quickly grab me and cuff me, they then proceeded to frisk me and make me take my shoes off, all the while standing on the ave., quite embarassing actually, but to there dismay, they never did find anymore on me. I learned my lesson years before, never have anymore on you then what you are smoking. The pigs weren't impressed, as they couldn't do fuck all cause I had nothing on me,, and possesion is 9/10th's the law. They finally uncuffed me and picked up what had be thrown away. I told them to enjoy it, as it was good pot and headed back in to the show. Thank goodness I didn't get busted. Good times!!!

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