Saturday, April 30, 2011

Concert Posters Of The Day Apr.30th (Sloan)

Today's posters are from the fourth time I saw Sloan in concert. I went to this show with my Cuz in 2008 at The Urban Lounge on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. It was a pretty good show, you never know with Sloan, I find they are kind of hit and miss when you see them live. This time though it was alright.

What was cool at this show was some of the merchandise they were selling. I picked up a Sloan coffee mug and some Sloan cards, I thought that was cool. The cards are a take off on the old KISS cards from the 70's, the exact same border and lay out, 10 cards per pack for two dollars, good deal and cool idea, wish I could get the full set of them.

Coffee Mug.

Sloan Cards.

In concert news... Sloan will be playing in Edmonton at The Stralite Room on Tuesday May 31st as part of their 20th Anniversary Tour.

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