Sunday, June 26, 2011

C'mon with Eamon McGrath and Krang Live At The Wunderbar June 25th 2011

Last night my buddy Hurl and I went and saw Toronto band C'mon led by I an Blurton with local band Krang and ex-Edmontonian now Toronto based Eamon McGrath at the Wunderbar just off Whyte Avenue in Edmonton.

This was my first time going to Wunderbar which is just a little hole in the wall bar that holds maybe a couple hundred people at the most. It's got a cool dive bar feel to it, looking like a basement. I went to order a Budweiser when we first got there, only to find out that they don't sell any Molson or Labatt products. What they do have is, over 80 different micro brewery beers, cool. Nice to see a bar support the small breweries. So last night we had a fair share of different kind of beers. Which might explain why I feel like shit today.

Anyways, the show started off with Eamon McGrath and his old Edmonton band backing him up The Wild Dogs. This was my first time seeing Eamon perform, I have read and heard lots about him. He not only plays rock n' roll, but also folk and punk music. On this evening, it was good old rock n' roll. I thought they sounded real good and put on a hell of show, with lots of energy and good vibes. My only complaint was, I think you had to be over six feet tall to be at the front of the stage. Like, holy fuck, it's hard to see the band when you have a bunch of tall pumpkin heads obstructing your view. Stand the fuck back you tall bastards, so that everyone else can see the band too. Nonetheless good band and great music.

Next band up was Krang, a band I had never heard of before. When they first came on, I didn't think much of them, I just thought they were a loud bad metal band. Well after a few songs and a smoke outside, I started to really dig there fuzzed out, sludgy psychedelic style of metal. They were actually really a tight band and trippy. I have to say, by the end of their set, I was a fan. They kind of reminded me of the band Earthless. I didn't get any pictures of these guys, as I was standing near the back and was kind of tripping out. Good stuff though guys.

Next up were headliners C'mon from Toronto. This was my third time seeing this awesome three piece band play live. Lead singer guitar player Ian Blurton and drummer Dean Bentley and bass player Katie Lynn Campbell know how to play loud balls to the wall rock n' roll. Ian the guitarist never ceases to amaze me how fucking good he is, no pedals or effects, just all out giver shredding. By the end of the night, my ears were a ringing, I was sweating and drunk, a great night of music from three wicked bands. If you get the chance to see a band at Wunderbar, I highly recommend going,great venue, good selection of beers and great staff as well. Good times!!!

New ten inch C'mon vinyl EP I picked up at the show.

In concert news... Eamon McGrath will be playing in Edmonton again on Saturday July 2nd at The Empress Ale House on Whyte Avenue.

Krang at Wunderbar from Jonah Braun on Vimeo.

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