Saturday, June 25, 2011

Concert Poster Of The Day June 25th (Misery Signals)

Today's poster is from one of the many times I saw Misery Signals in concert. This show was in 2003 at King Edward Hall in Edmonton. The opening bands for the show were locals .the.hollywood.ending, Drive By Punch, The Wolfnote and others. What I recall most about this show was being in a concert funk. I had been to a few shows in recent months before this, but it seemed the shows weren't doing a whole lot for me. Doesn't happen often, but for a while it just seemed real lame. But going to this hall show brought it all around for me, a small sweaty loud hardcore show brought back the energy that the shows I had been going to before were lacking. I left this show feeling energized again and reminding me why I do like checking out live music. Good times!!!

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