Saturday, June 18, 2011

No Problem with The Slates at Permanent Records June 17th

Yesterday my buddy Hurl and I hurried home from work to pound back a few beers and head over to Permanent Records on Whyte Ave. in Edmonton to see local punk rock bands No Problem and The Slates play a free show.

This was my first time seeing No Problem. My brother had mentioned them to me a few times and said they were really good. Well, I got my chance to see them and have to agree with my brother, they indeed rock. They play a in your face kind of punk, old school rock your fucking ass off style. A couple of the members use to be in another local punk band called Wednesday Night Heroes. The store had a decent turn out for the 6pm start.

The band were super tight and super loud in this small record store. No Problem have just released their newest full length album called "And Now This". Which I picked up after their performance, while it is good. It has nothing on them like seeing it played live. They kicked it out big time, fast and furious and like I say LOUD. Lead singer Graeme impressed me the most. I haven't seen a front man put that much in to a show in a long time, he looked like he wanted to tear the record shop right the fuck up. He rocked it like it was going to be his last show ever. Jumping around, flailing about with his guitar and screaming his guts out. The one song he did without his guitar, he was jumping about, almost on the record shelves, just losing himself in the music, so impressed. He reminded me a bit of SNFU front man Chi Pig back in the day. Some of the songs they did that I now recognize from the new album were, Enemies, RNR'Death Camp, Ghost Car and I Got A Bomb. They played for about 30 minutes. All and all I really liked No Problem and can't wait to see them play again. Good stuff!!!


After a quick set change, and enough time to run to the Commie for a cold beer, next up was The Slates. This was my second time seeing them play live, first time being when they opened for Vancouver band The Tranzmitors. Again they were quite good, playing a more melodic punk rock. After No Problem, it was a hard act to follow, but nonetheless they were good, playing for about a half hour as well. I would say both bands have a bright future, here is hoping they do. Click here to checkout their blog.

Thanks to the guys at Permanent Records for putting on yet another free show. Good times!!!

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