Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sadies with The Sheepdogs Live In Edmonton June 26th 2011

Sunday night show at The Pawn Shop in Edmonton with Saskatoon band The Sheepdogs opening for Toronto band The Sadies. Stupid Sunday night shows. Nonetheless, my buddy Hurl and I made it out to the show. This show was a make-up show for the February concert that cancelled when singer/guitarist Dallas Good slipped on some ice in Saskatoon and broke his leg.

This was my first time seeing The Sheepdogs in concert and have to say I thought they were pretty good. They play a southern rock style of music, along the lines of the Allman Brothers Band and Skynyrd. The Sheepdogs have three albums out and are currently touring for their newest album "Learn & Burn". The group consists of four hairy hippie looking dudes that know how to rock. Both guitarists Ewan Currie and Leot Hanson can rip it up, and bass player Ryan Gullen and drummer Sam Corbett can keep the back end rocking. I was really impressed by the bass player. They played a 45 minute opening set. Some of the songs I recognized from the new album were "The One You belong To", "Southern Dreaming", "Right On' and the title song "Learn & Burn". The band was tight and rocking throwing in some little jams here and there that had a cool groove to them. The place was packed for them as they seem to be getting a lot of hype these days.

The Sheepdogs are in a battle of the bands right now to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and are one of two bands left to vote for. It would be nice to see a Saskatoon rock band get the cover, so go to and vote for them.

Next up were headliners The Sadies. This was my eighth time seeing them play live, and again, they didn't disappoint. This band just keeps getting better and better. Truly a Canadian rock n' roll gem. Brothers Travis and Dallas Good really know how to feed off of each other pushing the envelope to playing there surf/country/psychedelic music. I wasn't able to stay for the whole show last night, as I had to work in the morning, and the night before I ripped er' up pretty good at the C'mon show. Three beers in, I was starting to feel pretty good and knew I best get home before this really turns in to a late night yet again. The little more then an hour of the show I did see they played about half a dozen songs from their latest release "Darker Circles" and some older ones as well, including two of my favorites "Tiger Tiger" from the album Stories Often Told and Higher Power from the album Pure Diamond Gold. Just amazing music from these guys. This is a band you really have to see live to get a good feel for them. I don't think their studio albums do them justice. Travis Good is such an animated performer, he is worth the price of admission alone. I thought The Sheepdogs were good, but they totally got schooled by The Sadies. Even the members of The Sheepdogs seemed to be in awe of them. Another awesome show by The Sadies. If you get the chance to see these guys, you have to see them play.


Posters from the cancelled show in February.

This was a great weekend of Canadian Rock N' Roll with bands C'mon, Eamon McGrath, Krang, The Sheepdogs and The Sadies. Good times!!!

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