Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Steve Earle In Concert Edmonton June 20th 2011

Last night my buddies Buzzard,Hurl,Cuz and I went to the Steve Earle and The Dukes( and Duchesses)(Duchesses, being his wife Allison Moorer and fiddle player Eleanor Whitmore) concert at the Jubilee Auditorium here in Edmonton. This was my seventh time seeing Steve Earle in concert. Steve is touring for his most recent release I'll Never get Out Of This World Alive, which is an excellent album. So i was looking forward to seeing him play with a full band again. The last 2 times I have seen him live, I have left disappointed, but I had a feeling this was going to be a kick ass show. And I was right!!! His back up band was bang on, all the members switched instruments through out the show and taking turns singing there own songs here and there.

The show opened up with a few songs from his new album "Waitin' For The Sky", other songs in his first set were "Molly-O", "I Love You Too Much","City Of Immigrants" from the album Washington Square Serenade, "My Old Friend The Blues", "Someday" from the album Guitar Town, Then he did a song from the album Train A Comin' "Ben McCulloch" which is my all time favorite Steve Earle song, I don't believe I have ever heard him do this song live before, so that was super cool. This was shaping up to be an awesome show. Then his wife Allison Moorer sang three songs which sucked the life right out of the show, in my opinion anyway. That was the end of the first set. Twenty minute break and time for a couple of quick beers.

The second set started with his biggest hit "Copperhead Road", other songs in this set were "Galway Girl" from the album Transcendental Blues, "Heaven Or Hell" a duet with Alison from his latest album, "This City" from the latest release again, "Taney Town" from the album El' Corazon, then closing out the set with "Revolution Starts Now" from the same album title.

Then came the encores, ya, more then one encore on this evening of great music.

The first encore had some great oldies, "Guitar Town" for one "Ain't Ever Satisfied" for another.

The second encore, another new song "I Am a Wanderer", and more, but fuck it, I can't remember no more. All and all a fantastic concert. What did surprise me was the small turn out for the show, it didn't look like there were a whole lot of people in the first balcony, never mind the second one, not sure what the attendance was, but if you missed this one, you missed one of the better Steve Earle shows. Good times!!!



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