Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Concert Shirt/Poster Of The Day June 29th (Neil Diamond)

Today's t-shirt is from the Neil Diamond concert I went to in 2008 at Rexall Place in Edmonton. I wasn't going to go to this show until I got lucky and scored a row 2 on the floor seat for the show. I was never really a fan of Neil Diamond, always kind of thought of his music as stuff that my Mom n' Dad would listen to. That was until my buddy Buzzard played the live album "Hot August Night" for me years ago, that I became a fan of him. This was a great show, a bit on the schmaltzy Vegas side, but still a great show. I would go see him in concert again for sure. Maybe not for the price he charges though.



Full page newspaper ad for the show.

The one and only picture I was able to take at the show, before security asked me to put the camera away.

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