Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ticket Stub Of The Day June 12th (Grady)

Today's ticket stub is from the third time I saw Texas based band Grady in concert. This show was in 2007 at Jet Nightclub in Edmonton with local rockers Murder City Sparrows opening. Gordie and the boys rocked the shit out of this venue that night, balls to the wall rock n' roll. I went to this with Cuz.

While this show rocked and I liked the venue. It was after the show where it all went to shit. It was a freezing December winter night, about 30 below out and trying to get a cab out of there was a joke. I went outside to get cab, my Cuz got a cab right away, but there were no more around. I tried going back in to the venue to call a cab. The dumb ass bouncer at the door wouldn't let me back in. I told him I wanted to call a cab, as I don't have a cell phone. The phone they had at the exit was broken, so I asked if he would call a cab for me. Well, the fucker wouldn't do it, he told me to wait outside for a cab. Well after a half hour of that, and no cabs, I am freezing my fuckin' ass off. I went again to try and get in the venue to ask someone to call a cab for me. Again, denied, I finally after a bunch of bullshit, finally asked for a manager to talk to and explain the situation. I finally did get a manager, I told him how I had been treated, and told him, all I want is cab so that I could get home. The guy I talked to was good, and in minutes I had a cab. A lot of bullshit for just trying to get home. To say the least, I was not impressed and the manager didn't seem to happy with his employees either. The problem was finally fixed and I did get home about an hour and a half after the show. No wonder this venue didn't last long.

In concert news...Gordie Johnson the guitar player and vocalist for Grady, will be playing in Edmonton at Capital Ex this summer on Sunday July 24th with his old rocking reggae band Big Sugar with fellow Canadian rockers Wide Mouth Mason opening.

Also in Big Sugar news, looks like they will be releasing their first new album since 2001. The new album will be called "Revolution Per Minute", can't wait to hear this.

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